Certified Products

Many products in the hair industry advertise or promote Organic or Natural ingredients, but only use 2 or 3 organic ingredients in their products. This does not make it Organic or Natural, nor does it eliminate the harsh abrasive detergents and chemical brighteners that rob color, moisture, and shine from the hair.

Our products are highly concentrated with up to 80% natural and botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals ingredients that:

- Don’t strip the color, nutrients, or natural shine from the hair

- Help clean the scalp to allow blood flow circulation

- Hair will grow thicker, fuller and faster for more healthier beautiful hair

- Extends color even grey coverage 3 times longer


- All products are safely tested by a federal government agency not an organization

- Every ingredient is of the highest quality and is and safe to use with each other

- The ingredient list on the back of the bottle has to be accurate for what is in the bottle

- The label on the front has to do what it promotes without being misleading

- Every ingredient is safe to use on all skin types and is regulated by the federal government


- We are protecting the health and safety of our clients and stylists

- Our product labels includes all required information and ingredients and directions

- We label our product the way the federal government recommends

 FDA Certificate